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Cooling Tower / Mechanical Division
Mid Atlantic Spray System, Inc. concentrates on evaporative cooling systems (cooling towers, closed circuit coolers, and evaporative condensers) we've dealt with most of the challenges that these systems present. We use the latest in techniques, equipment and materials to provide solutions.

In most cases, the reason for cooling tower failure or inefficiency is from a combination of the buildup of sludge and corrosion of parts. For obvious reasons, this will reduce the effectiveness of evaporative cooling.

Our process is straight forward. If you call us in time, we can clean the equipment and head off disaster before it becomes a problem. We can repair most things, but sometimes parts need to be replaced to get your system running smoothly again.

It makes sense to consider refurbishing part of your cooling tower if the repair we are doing has it disassembled anyway. An investment like this in your building could pay itself off in a matter of 4-7 years in energy savings alone. Refurbishing can be the most cost effective solution to a problem. It's a whole lot cheaper than replacing, and unless your building's needs have changed, your existing cooling tower should be able to handle the job, if it were just running at peak performance.


It's no surprise that the technology of cooling towers has changed over the years. Your tower may have been built some 15 years ago, or even longer. Upgrading to state of the art equipment can increase the efficiency and capacity of your existing system. Upgrade your wet deck to improve cooling, or add a filtration sytem to extend the life of your system and reduce your maintenance hassles.

Cooling Tower Refurbishment

We are able to provide refurbishment, repair and maintenance services for cooling towers of all makes and sizes. Refurbishment is carried out by our qualified engineers who will make recommendations in compliance with the Health & Safety Executive ACOP L8 and CIBSE TM13 ensuring your cooling tower is 'Legionella free'.

Refurbishment can be carried out at the same time as the cooling tower is being clean, with damaged components and rusted casings being replaced in order to prevent the growth of legionella bacteria. Refurbishment services include:

  • High Performance Drift Eliminators
  • Replacement of packing and Drift Eliminators
  • Cooling Tower casing repair
  • Painting of Cooling Tower casings
  • High Performance Packings

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